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Mar. 22nd, 2005 @ 09:25 am 40 weeks and 5 days ...
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Sunday Mornings -- Maroon 5
Still no baby yet. I am 5 days overdue. I have a dr's appt today at 4pm... Last time I was there (thursday) I was still only 1 CM dilated and 50% effaced. I hope to god I am more today. I NEED to be more! Everyone is having their baby before me, and I was due first! Damn you all! My cousin who wasnt due until April, had her twins Saturday night, and then a lady I know who was due on the 21st had her son at like 12 15am today. How freakin lucky, 15 minutes after her due date or somethin. Her doc was pretty good with that due date lol. I still havent felt any real pain... I've had a few cramps, but nothing that was to bad, or that lasted for very long. But I do feel constant pressure. Doesnt hurt, just gets uncomfortable after awhile. I am just so impatient. Cam has been here for a week already, and he has to go back to Bing to work at the end of the month. He said he is gonna stay for 2 weeks AFTER hes born... but its gonna be hard for him to take that much time off of work. He needs to make money, because I cant. I really wish I could. I hate not having money, and sitting on my ass all day long, doing nothing.

I am so freakin tired and I can't sleep at all. My body is achy. My hips hurt and my muscles in my abdomen hurt from when I pulled it. We've been walking around places everyday to get my labor going. We walked to wegmans yesterday. I think I need to get some really really spicy food, see if that works... I am willing to try anything right about now... I just want him to be born already!
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